When my daughter was born and I first went freelance, I cold called my way into a long-term partnership (and friendship, hurrah!) with the team at the Tenfold Collective. In years since, 9/10 projects have come through referrals from either the principals, their staff members, or the referrals I've gained through their generosity. The team has since split up forming solo-projects like Emrich Office and Hello Waldo.


After a slew of fun projects for other brands, the Tenfold team asked me for copy they could build a campaign and following with. Their strategy was not only to turn heads with targeted digital ads in their regional Denver Metro media, but also to make an impression on regional marketing directors and creative directors with budgets, but not necessarily teams to pull off their brand, design, and digital objectives.


copywriting digital, print


You’ve been instrumental in helping us find our own brand voice. Thank you!
— Christopher McLaughlin, Co-founder