Right on.

  1. I've written hundreds upon hundreds of headlines, emails, and CTAs that have helped folks pay off debt, eat vegan, book a sleigh ride in the Rockies, recruit and hire inclusively, close more sales, buy the best back-to-school gear, care for ER visitors, even stay safe in an active shooter scenario.

  2. I've learned the most from amazing designers who aren't afraid to ask me for more (meaning less). What’s up Josh, Sara, Eric, Tim? Thanks, you.

  3. I believe gardening is a form of autobiography.

  4. I've spent the bulk of my career writing for emerging brands and smaller agencies. For 8 years, 100% of my freelance work came through referrals and repeat business.

  5. I was once complicit in putting my daughter's childhood before my own career ambitions. How can we help future parents like her so they never have to make that same choice?

  6. I've written for B2B and B2C in food, hospitality, safety, healthcare, (government), fashion, tech, and finance. Fashion is more fun than finance. But finance? Finance has the potential to do more good.

  7. I. am. a. kickass. parallel parker. Fuggetaboutit self-driving cars.

  8. I once sent a thank you note to Seth Godin. Who knew The Dip would be the thing to get me through natural childbirth? (Who knew he would write me back?!)