Advantis Credit Union (EMAIL 2)





Subject line: A birthday you don’t want to miss

Open rate: 31.67% — industry benchmark = 20.47%

Click thru rate: 1.52% — industry benchmark = 2.59%


Our Marketing VP pitched the executive leadership team on a special, short-term promotion celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our market leading Cashback Checking account in Portland (it’s the only free, unlimited cash back checking account in the State of Oregon). We sent a feel-good, relationship building announcement that also heads off any long-term service queries if and when members notice their checking account rewards seem higher than usual (and then lower than the unexpected bounce, once the rewards promo expires).

The primary goal was to focus on open rates and help all Cashback Checking accountholders see the message bearing the good news about their bonus cash back rewards. (Hence, the lower click thru rate.) The secondary goal was to attract attention to the account for members who don’t hold a checking account at Advantis and soft sell them/give a new reason for them to open the checking account.

No change requests. It’s a perfect first draft. Well done!
— John Nichols, Vice President, Marketing