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With deep product penetration in members age 55 and older, I was asked to market this particular product to members age 45-54 with emerging interest and members ages 28-44 with spotty or low interest. How do we teach them about its value, build product awareness, and drive new CD accounts in these disengaged segments? And how do we anchor the product in our financial co-op shared values, which we know are extra important to these two segments?


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Subject line 1: What’s all the fuss about? Try 2.50% APY (target = age 40 and older, no CDs)

Open rate: 29.19% — industry benchmark = 20.47%

Click rate: 4.49% — industry benchmark = 2.59%

Subject line 2: Wait. Remind me, what’s a CD again? (target = age 39 and younger, no CDs)

Open rate: 24.88% — industry benchmark = 20.47%

Click rate: 4.24% — Industry benchmark = 2.59%

Currently, the primary channel for driving member engagement is a weekly promotions email. Historically, this email has been explicitly, “Here’s what we want to sell you. Here’s why we think it’s a great financial product. Open this credit union account now.” It’s also been one blanket email sent to everyone, with maybe a few non-discriminatory exclusions, and written in a flat “professional” voice that appeals members age 55 and older.

Here are some of the the shifts I’m trying to help us make in mindset, strategy, and tactics:

  • Help first, sell second. Stop stuffing product promotions into our members’ inboxes. Start offering financial education, insights, and tools that help us build relationships and help them see what else is possible for their financial lives.

  • Split email content and copy for members based on generational preferences and lifestyle experiences. It’s all about them!

  • Start actively marketing to members in their late 20s, 30s, and 40s — these members may not have the biggest bank account balances, but they are the future of our credit union. We are missing opportunities to grow with them and fulfill our mission.

  • Let’s try to say it with fewer words and more graphics. And even more fewer words. (This is an ongoing negotiation with SMEs and stakeholders.)

  • Cut down on banking jargon. Stop talking about “our members” and start talking about “you.” Let’s find some voice, and use it thoughtfully.

  • PS Industry research says that genders identifying as female are the most open to and engaged with credit unions. Let’s be sure we represent them in our storytelling.

Great email this week!
— Chris Groshko, Chief Retail Officer

Email 1

What’s all the fuss about? Try 2.50%


Email 2

Wait. Remind me, what’s a CD again?