project story

In August, our team went back to basics with an aggressive, top-of-market savings interest rate with a print and email marketing campaign targeting both new and existing customers. Between the rate and our outreach, we attracted as much money from August 1 - 31 as we did between January 1 and July 31. With 80% new money to the credit union to boot! Come September we doubled down and hard launched Labor Day weekend with a 30 day deposit growth and new membership campaign, “Earn More.” While the hook was safe, we pushed the brand forward with strong copy, unfussy design, and a host of integrated, multichannel assets. September’s numbers are still open. We are optimistic.

About Advantis

Advantis Credit Union is the fourth largest credit union in Portland Metro and the State of Oregon. They are currently in a growth phase. This campaign is one small part of that growth strategy.


three 30-second radio spots

direct mail

print advertising

email marketing

web landing pages

Facebook advertising