1. I've spent the bulk of my career writing for emerging brands and smaller agencies. For eight years, 100% of my freelance work came through referrals and repeat business.

  2. I’ve written hundreds upon hundreds of headlines, email, web pages, and CTAs that help folks pay off their debt, eat vegan, recruit and hire for inclusivity, buy the best back-to-school gear, book a sleigh ride in the Rockies, even stay safe during an active shooter scenario. My job is cool.

  3. I’ve learned the most from my design partners who are willing to ask for more (meaning less). What’s up Josh, Sara, Eric, and Tim? Thanks, you.

  4. I believe gardening is a form of autobiography. (I have more living to do.)

  5. Seth Godin was my natural childbirth coach. Who knew The Dip could substitute for an epidural? When I wrote him a thank you note, he actually wrote me back. #kindnesscounts #copywriterlyfe

Who knows where things might lead?