Alexa Johnson

I’m Alexa Johnson. I believe our stories are the currency of connection. The words and images we share help us (or hinder us) in the most important work there is — developing relationships.

I happen to value relationships built on kindness, trust, and mutual service. That’s why I only work with teams and brands who thoughtfully share products, services, and experiences that enrich our humanity, respect the planet, and offer something unmistakably good to our communities.

I’ve written hundreds upon hundreds of headlines, email, web pages, and CTAs that help people pay off their debt, eat vegan, recruit for and respect inclusivity, buy the best back-to-school gear, book a sleigh ride in the Rockies, even stay safe during an active shooter scenario. Our words really matter. And my job is very cool.

Have you got a good story to tell?

Strategy + Story



 #1: I couldn't have done this without you, and #2 you are an expert at your job. Lauren Condell, Front Forty Foods

What are you, some sort of brand whisperer?!  Jonathan Green, Conscious Minds

You know where to find the story, and you tell it incredibly well. Josh Emrich, Emrich Office

You're incredibly talented, Alexa. Elizabeth Gottfried, Hanna Andersson

You've been instrumental in helping us find our own brand voice. Thank you! Christopher McLaughlin, Tenfold

Your contributions to EPI have been invaluable. Michelle Kelly, Empowering Performance, Inc.

You have the ability to see both the big, strategic picture and execute copy with versatility. That's really hard to come by. Scott Smith, Smith & Connors

We thought nobody could write for our brand better than us. But, you tell our story far better than we could ourselves. Missy Buehl, Crunchy Grocer



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